Clickbait CW 34

Every month we collect hundreds of links and articles that are inspiring, spawning our curiosity or simply beautiful to read. Here are the links of calendar week 34 in August 2020.

  • How Biases Distort Our Beliefs (In The Workplace)
    A beautiful, long article on the different types of biases out there, how they are able to affect your perception and behavior. It is also about how to recognize them and how to free yourself from their effects.
  • Peter Principle and the Surprising Truth about Promotions
    Every one of us has its own Peter antagonist. The capabilities that made you great yesterday will not make you great tomorrow – after your promotion. What are your options?
  • Staying focused with a simple method
    Leo comes up with another great post on some simple tricks on how to stay focused. Each of us has it’s own way of keeping track of our highest priorities, but if you are really battled by ambiguity, these simple steps will help you out.

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