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This is the start of something… let’s see where it takes us

Our choice is quite clear: we love to work when we are dedicated to the task. Our life styling states that we want to have a job we love, work with people we value and like. What we don’t want is to sit in an office all day, just doing whatever.

The weeks during corona showed us that it does not matter, if you are in your office or not to be close to your team. But working remotely does not have to mean working from home… so what we want is to have the freedom to work from wherever we want. We love our homebase and our house should remain one. But we don’t want to be bound to it. We want to enjoy the freedom remote working gives us. And we want to share this experience.

That is why I am sitting here now, on the sofa, typing my first blog post while Olli is setting up our website professional curiosity.

But more than that… the Plan is to work from somewhere else at least once a month. It should be affordable, decent, but special. I don’t want to sit in a hotel room, I want to discover new things, be curious. But I have to say, keeping freedom is a prerequisite. So shared flats or couch surfing don’t sound like the perfect choice. Camping, little cottages, that’s what I am looking for. Easier said than done in the middle of the summer holidays.

Travel and cowork

And then… how to get work done properly. We want to try out the coworking spaces in the area where we are going. Seems possible, but not as straight forward as I thought… some coworking places can be rented on a monthly basis minimum, others open too late for our normal office buzz… seems our use case is a bit special. Needing a place for one or few days in an area where others go on vacation. Let’s see what we find here. Why don’t camp grounds have coworking buildings? A market niche I would say… but we will let you know what we came up with 😊 maybe you even have some ideas for us?

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