Work and Travel Vol. I

Corona and the New Normal make it more mainstream to work remote – from everywhere. Here is our experience how to combine that with vacation.

Finally, our first post from the road 😊

We set the goal to spend at least one long weekend per month away, working during the week from a coworking space and enjoying the weekend. It proved not to be so easy in corona times. Coworking spaces are either full or closed due to corona. Campgrounds are fully booked within 3-4 hours travel distance and hotels extremely costly in summer due to people preferring vacation in Germany or Netherlands.

So, before we went on our first trip, it took 2 months… which is ok. But different than expected. We combined it with vacation in Italy. Camping close to Venice around Jesolo/Treporti. Great weather and few people. Extremely relaxing.

And under these conditions, working half a day feels relaxed to. We tried out different things:

1. Working at the campground: Wow, those Helinox camping chairs are very comfortable also for longer hours. We took free campground WiFi to its limits, but with the company phone hotspot also video conferences are no problem.

Working on the campground

2. On our way back from Italy in a hotel: The last days of our journey are no vacation but work days. We stayed one night in the Eagles Inn in Innsbruck-Igls. A nice hotel with big rooms. And one special Zirbenstube in a very old part of the Hotel. Beautiful. This became our coworking space for the day. The receptionist was very nice and did not mind us spending half the day there, even if checkout had been at 10. also here: Free wifi which is not at its best in that room. But video conferences work out (for one person). The old chairs are not made for office work. But the room itself makes up for it

Impressive old windows!

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