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Work & Travel Vol. II

What a trip to Bavaria! Exploring the limits of digital Germany and meeting role models for hospitality

Oh wow! Our next spontaneous try to work and travel showed us the limits of German connectivity again. Naively we drove to the outskirts of Bavaria, the Allgäu. Just to realize that there is neither Optical fiber network nor Telekom reception (btw Vodafone reception is great, but our company phones are Telekom). As we have important meetings, we have to have a wifi network which allows video conferencing. No way in our small b&b.

So we thought we have to drive back home right away…

But asking for ideas at the tourist office, where a very nice person supported us with hotels with meeting facilities gave some hope. And the third try lead us to the Königshof which saved us with their customer focus and ease of service. „No problem, come over and we will unlock a meeting room for you.“ WOW! just like this. Without being guests at their hotel.

So we did. And actually were given a meeting room for three days including drinks for a small fee – and a huge tip.

Everyone was so helpful and polite, even though in that week the news came that new hotel closure would come along affecting the staff at Königshof as well. But despite their Situation they helped is. I am deeply impressed and happy to find people like these on our adventures. Thank you!

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