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Being awake

Remind oneself about your own power to change and take life in your own hands every once in a while

A good year ago I went through a leadership training by Peter Dilg. The first step in this seminar, which was scheduled over 6 months, was to understand how to lead yourself. As described in the book by Robert Fritz, you are the creative force in your Life. We have the choice to be determined by outer circumstances or to understand our goals and pursue them. You find out your primary choices, your north stars and then you define secondary choices to get closer to your goals. One of the (secondary) was this blog. The book and the discussions throughout the seminar was showing me what I believed but did not have the conviction and courage to pursue. I was so full of energy and ideas last year, to follow my dreams. And in some ways I did. But in others, for example professional ones, I lost sight of my goals and got entwindend in other work topics, leaving me unsatisfied and powerless.

This is also something which the people around me noticed. So for Christmas I got another great book: Feck Perfuction by James Victore. With a similar message but written in a much more digestible style. What I take away (after reading 2/3 of the book) is that my weirdnesses make me special. It is about knowing what I want and then pursuing these goals. Even when they mean sideroads and detours. I want to do what I love and what I am passionate about and don’t spend my precious time going for second best… this means also start doing this and going the first step into this direction.

Make your own rules, make your destiny.

The book was a very good reminder of what I realized and the awakening I felt a year ago. I think I have to pull it out every once in a while to not forget…

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