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We create lots of content while we are working on stuff. Slides to structure a workshop, icons to visualize something, templates to be used multiple times. Some of that can be helpful to you, too. This is why we decided to give our stuff away for free. All of it is licensed under the most […]

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How to… do an OKR Workshop

We use OKRs to align the whole organisation towards a common strategy. Learn how we approach this topic and how to plan and execute team workshops. If you want to use OKRs as well and are looking for ideas and guidelines try the step-by-step guide and the workshop template slides.

Being Curious

How to… do a user journey workshop

Understanding and improving a process is easiest together with the people, who work with it every day. How to… execute a workshop using personas and user journeys to facilitate the generation of process improvement ideas, you can find in my template, which you are free to use.

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Das Leben, das wir führen wollen… da war ja was

Creating the life you want to lead is what I believe in. But there are times, where it is easier said than done.
Sorry, this article is in German, as it just poured out of me. I will keep it this way…