Leading Yourself

Start something new?

Some say, starting something new is easy. Finishing is hard. But is that really true? How easy is it to start something that you know nothing about? How easy it is to start something that others are good in already?


Clickbait CW 34

Every month we collect hundreds of links and articles that are inspiring, spawning our curiosity or simply beautiful to read. Here are the links of calendar week 34 in August 2020. How Biases Distort Our Beliefs (In The Workplace)A beautiful, long article on the different types of biases out there, how they are able to […]

Agile Leadership & Culture

On the failure of agile transformations

Even 20 years after the introduction of the agile manifest and many proven implementations, agile transformations still fail. Lets have a look at the reasons while reflecting on an article by Jeff Sutherland.