Helpful stuff

Over the time we are producing a lot of stuff for our work, the workshops we do, the content we create. Some of the stuff is helpful for everybody. So we are going to share it with you. On this page we collect and list it. These stuff is a free giveaway to be used in your own work.

Sketched icons

These sketched icons have a simple license. Sketched icons by  Oliver Schwarz is marked with CC0 1.0 . Click the image to be directed to or download the file.

Trello board templates

Google Docs

We will add more items, resources, assets and stuff as we go. Feel free to come back to this page more often (or even bookmark it).

Meeting Online

Next to known solutions like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, there are more and more browser-based solutions coming to the surface. You should definitely have a look at them:

  • Mozilla Hubs – are a open source/free virtual 3D environment implementation where you can have meetings and workshops inside your browser. Features camera and screen sharing, whiteboards and pinboards, spatial/3D audio and many more items.
  • Trember – Spatial meeting rooms (like You can handle many smaller or large events at the same time.
  • – Another hub, but in 2D, which should calm your laptop fan. Features interactive meeting notes and many other objects to integrate.
  • – Now available on oculus already, spatial features the first NFT galleries to visit. Next to that it offers large events (with and without glasses). Bit pricy, though.