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Helpful giveaways

We create lots of content while we are working on stuff. Slides to structure a workshop, icons to visualize something, templates to be used multiple times. Some of that can be helpful to you, too. This is why we decided to give our stuff away for free. All of it is licensed under the most […]

Being Curious Leadership & Culture

How to… do an OKR Workshop

We use OKRs to align the whole organisation towards a common strategy. Learn how we approach this topic and how to plan and execute team workshops. If you want to use OKRs as well and are looking for ideas and guidelines try the step-by-step guide and the workshop template slides.

Being Curious

How to… do a user journey workshop

Understanding and improving a process is easiest together with the people, who work with it every day. How to… execute a workshop using personas and user journeys to facilitate the generation of process improvement ideas, you can find in my template, which you are free to use.

Being Curious Leading Yourself

Create something new: A Podcast

Do you have some time on your hands? It has never been easier to start with creating. If you want to start a blog, a vlog, a podcast – most of it just takes a little bit of time and curiosity. Here is my story about how I started a podcast.

Leading Yourself

New year – new opportunity to think about our lifestyling

How to get a clear picture of what you want to be in 10 years? Where do you want to stand in terms of career, family, health etc. And then: How to develop habits to follow that plan. Take a look at what we have achieved and learned so far using lifestyling.

Leading Yourself

Start something new?

Some say, starting something new is easy. Finishing is hard. But is that really true? How easy is it to start something that you know nothing about? How easy it is to start something that others are good in already?

Leadership & Culture Leading Yourself

Being awake

Remind oneself about your own power to change and take life in your own hands every once in a while

Leadership & Culture

A twist of culture with every new person in the team

In every healthy Organisation there are situations where new people join a team. How do you bring these people on board? Which effect does that have on a team’s culture?

Work & Travel

Work & Travel Vol. II

What a trip to Bavaria! Exploring the limits of digital Germany and meeting role models for hospitality


Work and Travel Vol. I

Corona and the New Normal make it more mainstream to work remote – from everywhere. Here is our experience how to combine that with vacation.